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Duolingo joins Receptiv Publisher Portfolio

Sitting between brand advertisers and global app publishers for the past 6 years, we at Receptiv have brought the most innovative programs to market within some of the biggest apps out there. Our partnership with Duolingo, the world’s #1 education app, began with the mutual goal and understanding to build a program that not only introduces brand content into Duolingo in a smart way, but also complements the education of its most engaged and loyal users.

Duolingo is a popular language-learning platform with the mission to make language education free and accessible for everyone. It’s hard to stay motivated when learning anything new, but because Duolingo makes it feel like a game, learners are excited to come back each day to maintain a daily streak and earn virtual currency.

Receptiv has always advocated for brand executions to provide valuable in-app content to consumers, and our clients have benefited greatly, with increased brand favorability and consideration. Our partnership with Duolingo takes this to the next level!

In evaluating any custom partnership, our goal is to discover meaningful app environments where a brand can create a non-traditional conversation with a user yet have it feel completely part of the experience. Duolingo is that rare opportunity to put a brand in a virtual classroom. The user’s goal is to understand what the brand is saying, remember it and then repeat it.

Jessie End, Duolingo’s Director of Advertising and Brand Partnerships, understands how to balance brand value with a great user experience. “Advertising plays a critical role in delivering on our mission at Duolingo,” Jessie said. “We were keen to create the kind of custom formats that could offer breakthrough engagement for brands while enhancing learning and dialing up the fun for our users.” I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Jessie to this end.

I am proud to bring the Duolingo custom ad package to market. In addition to the obvious opportunity to reach multicultural and Hispanic consumers in the US, I’m eager to test how interactive learning can be one of the most impactful ways to deliver a brand’s message. Our package delivers valuable brand content to the app’s 25 million monthly active users globally that spend an average of 10 minutes per day learning. Through motivating challenges, flashcards, and video comprehension tasks, we are ensuring that the integration of brands adds to the high-quality education that Duolingo offers its users. We think learners will thoroughly enjoy the experience!

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