100% compliant with the IAB and Coalition for Better Ads’ optimized user standards, Reveal is the leading mobile out-stream video ad format that delivers high performing video across the world’s most trusted environments. Built for a superior mobile user experience, brands and publishers earn the highest viewability and engagement. Reveal is available at scale through managed service or programmatic.

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Organic Contextualization

Dynamic context is pulled in from both the mobile site and brand.

Organic Contextualization
Clear & Concise User Functions

Clear & Concise User Function

Mobile first design with interactive swiping for both visit and close.

Keep Your Audience in Control

Prominent click-outs respect the user experience.

Keep Your Audience in Control

Content First

Optimal content to ad ratio, prioritizing user engagement.

300 x 250 Banner

Additional Features

300 x 250 Banner

Scrolling past the banner unit initiates the video player snap-in.

Closed Captioning

Video play with optional closed captioning.